Telco ssms ltd

A labour company

A management company

An Exhibition construction company


Telco ssms ltd

At Telco ssms

We aim to be all three and possibly more.
With the initial aim to be a bespoke tailored service for any and all exhibition needs, throughout an expanding and constantly evolving Industry we realised that to pin a name to the services we provided was impossible.
As our client business´s evolved so did the requests for our services offered.
The Industry as a whole constantly changes and the amounts of work available differs from one season to the next, sometimes enormous amounts of work cross the desks of our clients, the next season slightly less but never a constant predictable amount.

As you can imagine this causes problems in getting the right amount of staff to be correct and cost effective at all times. In lieu of this an opening emerged whereas we could assist our clients to fill short falls in their staffing quotas when and where needed.
Due to this our company also evolved, itself no longer simply offering an onsite labour solution but, management staff when needed, office staff , logistical staff, in fact any deficit we strive to source a solution to.
And so we emerged as a solution finding company
"The Labour Solution" Telco Ssms.